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Morning after pill belongs to emergency contraceptive agents. Essentially, the medicine is called a synthetic derivative of testosterone hormone. It exists in form of one or possible two tablets containing a high dosage of levonorgestrel. The mechanism is that medicament inhibits or keeps off ovulation, disrupts impregnation process, not allowing the sperms and egg to move free. Also, the drug alters the endometrium microflora, thus preventing the process of attaching the fertilized ovum in the uterus. When you apply the initial tablet within twenty four hours after sex, there is 95% efficiency, within 25-48 hours is 85% and 50-72 hours is 58%. People use this product if condom is broken or slipped off, if you have coitus interruptus, or miss a birth control several times repeatedly, were forced to have the sexual intercourse. Women order Morning after pill 15mg 6 pills more often. This remedy has some own nuances. In addition, the medicine will not secure from venereal diseases, herpes and AIDS. Medicament is applied for emergency contraception. Everybody may buy morning after pill online in any day.

Generic name: levonorgestrel.
Brand name: Plan B One-Step, Levonorgestrel tablets, Next Choice.