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Naltrexone is a competitive antagonist of opioid receptors. Preparation eliminates the central and peripheral effects of opioids, including endogenous endorphins. Remedy operates more intense and prolonged than naloxone. In the body medicine leads to insensibility of receptors that are responsible for the sense of euphoria from the abuse drugs or alcohol, certain medications. So, not getting the expected pleasure from the “dosage”, the patient comes to the meaninglessness of the ethanol, opiates, morphine applying. Psychological and also physical dependence on forbidden substances, alcohol which have been previously observed disappear. If medication treatment is found positive, it is usually recommended the continuation of its use for the prevention of “failures” in these periods by doctor. Patients can make buying of Naltrexone 50mg 90 pills in various online drugstores. The pharmacological effect of medicament is caused by competitive activity of the drug on a background of exogenous opioids: a means binds to opiate receptors and blocks them, so the effect of the narcotic, alcohol is not observed. Preparation is metabolized in the liver and is recirculated, excreted in the urine. Metabolites may be up to 40% of the dose of synthetic product and are direct opioid receptor antagonists. Indications for using may be alcohol and also narcological addiction, relapse preventing therapy in complex and long-term treatment. Remedy can be used only in cases if the patient does not receive opioid analgesic for at least 7-10 days. People may buy Naltrexone online round-the clock if needed.

Generic name: Naltrexone hydrochloride
Brand name: Revia