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Nicorette Gum covers to products for the medical cure of nicotine addiction. After a sharp smoking cessation in patients daily applying the nicotine means for a long time withdrawal symptoms may develop, which include restlessness, insomnia, irritability, anxiety, increased appetite impaired concentration, decreased heart rate, and weight gain, and the desire to smoke. When you smoke, nicotine entering into your blood stream accelerates metabolism. Upon cancellation of cigarettes, this process can be slowed down, and as a result, you can begin to gain weight. Nicotine replacement therapy helps maintain the required rate of metabolism and helps to reduce appetite, helping you consume fewer calories while you concentrate on the rejection of cigarettes. Chewing gum containing medicinal nicotine – smaller than a cigarette, but it is enough to cope with the desire to smoke and decrease the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Gradually reducing the amount of chewing gum a day, you accustom your body to live without nicotine to eventually quit. Nicorette Gum 4mg 10 packs help to quit smoking immediately. To do this, replace all cigarettes by gum and gradually reduce the number of pads per day to complete abolition. The number of cigarettes smoked may be reduced. You can temporarily refrain from smoking (long-haul air travel). Preparation may cause undesirable dose-related (mainly), the effects similar to those arising in the use of nicotine enters the body in another way. Severity of side effects depends on the dosage of nicotine. Every patient may buy Nicorette Gum online during all day. Various online pharmacies suggest everyone different stop smoking preparations with delivery all over the USA.

Generic name: Nicotine
Brand name: Leader Nicorelief, Nicotine Polacrilex, Nicorette, Nicorette Gum