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Nystatin relates to the class of medicamental remedies well-known as antifungal preparations (or antibiotics). The main active substance is Nystatinum. The drug operates on the pathogenous fungi (parasitogenic fungi called the sicknesses of person) and especially on the yeast-like fungi from the group of Candida and also on the aspergilli. This medicament isn’t active in relations to the bacteria. The remedy is absorbed badly. The main mass applied inward is exuded with feces. The medication Nystatin 25g 2 tubes is generally employed for preventive measures and medical cure of different illnesses called by yeast-like fungi (Candida family): candidosis of (fungous disease called by barmy fungi) mucous membranes (mouth, vagina and others), skin and different inside organs (gastroenteric tract, lungs, kidneys and so on) and others. This medication is indicated for prevention of candidosis development under the prolonged treating of the penicillin’s preparations and other antibiotics of tetracycline row, chloramphenicol, neomycin and many others. The drug is little toxic so it practically doesn’t call any collateral results. Under the heightened perceptibility to this antibiotic it is possible the nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, heightening of body temperature, shivering, fever and some others. Under these cases you need to diminish the daily norm. In modern society people more and more frequently purchase antibiotics online pharmacy without any prescription. So you can buy Nystatin online in any time you need.

Generic name: Nystatinum
Brand name: Nystatin, Anticandin, Fungistatin, Mycostatin, Moronal, Nistafungin, Stamiin