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Omeprazole relates to the anti ulcerous medicamental remedies with the same main active substance. This preparation suppresses the secretion of hydrochloric acid in stomach and it is an inhibitor (oppressing the function) of “proton pump” (the process of hydrogen ions’ exchange). The mechanism of anti secretory action ties together with inhibition (suppressing the activity) of N-K-ATphase ferment (it is a matter quickened the hydrogen ions’ exchange) in cells’ membranes of stomach’s mucous membranes that mainly brings to the blocking of the hydrochloric acid formation’s the final stage. As a result of this action it is brought down the level of the basal (own) and stimulating secretion independently of the nature of irritant. The action of this medicament begins very quickly and it depends on the dosage. Omeprazole 20mg 90 pills are generally employed under the ulcerous illness of duodenum and stomach, peptic ulcers (ulcer of stomach, intestine or esophagus developed owing to the destroyed action of gastric juice on the mucous membrane) called by Helicobacter pylori (microorganisms which can call a gastritis or relapsed/periodically repeated stomach ulcer under some specified conditions), reflux-esophagitis (inflammation of the esophagus conditioned by filling of stomach containing to the esophagus), multiple endocrine neoplasms (combination of stomach ulcer and non-malignant tumor of pancreas) and some other problems such with stomach as with duodenum. Every patient may buy Omeprazole online ordered the twenty-four-hour delivery all over the country.

Generic name: Omeprazole
Brand name: Losec, Omez, Omezol, Zerocid, Omeprol, Omzol, Omizac, Ortanol, Ocid, Promezol, Helol, Cysagast, Ulzol, Ultrop, Helicid