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Ophthacare Eye Drops relate to the ayurvedic medicamental preparations. This remedy protects infectious and allergic eye diseases. The drug doesn’t practically have any analogs. This medicament also has a powerful antimicrobial and antihistamine effect. The medication possesses analgesic and anti inflammation properties, too. It is also very effective in reducing of inflammation. The medicant quickly heals minor eye injury, protects the eye from the local tissue oxidative damage, it’s cooling effect softens eye irritation. Eye drops are indispensable for people whose profession requires high concentration and eye strain. They are effective to relieve tension from the eyes if working at the computer, help you quickly adapt your eyes with blinding bright light (main beam, the reflected light from the snow in the mountains), in addition, have disinfectant properties. People can make ordering of Ophthacare Eye Drops 10ml 4 bottles through Internet at the present time. The main indications for using of this officinal remedy are acute and chronic allergic conjunctivitis, infectious acute and chronic conjunctivitis, a syndrome of computer-voltage, inflammatory eye disease, dry eyes. These drops are perfect to all who wear contact lenses because they make their applying painless and help prevent infections and germs in the eye. Dosage for application is assigned to patients each eye 1 or 2 drops 3 – 4 times during a day for infections, 5 – 6 times a day with conjunctivitis you may use and every hour. Side effects are absent. Please consult a specialist to determine the ayurvedic optimal dosage. It can be easy and very popular for each patient to order and buy Ophthacare Eye Drops online.

Generic name: Ophthacare
Brand name: Ophthacare