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Optivar covers to the medical preparations called as antiallergic eyes drops. This remedy renders the anti-inflammatory and anti allergic effects. The main active substance of this medicament is Azelastine. This matter stabilizes the membranes of fatty cells and slows down the formation and elimination of biologically active substances which accompany the early and late phase of inflammatory (such as leukotriene, serotonin, histamine, factor of thrombocytes’ activation and so on), prevents the development of bronchial spasm, brings down the number of eosinophilic granulocytes and diminishes the quantity of molecular adhesion’s cells. Optivar 0.05% 5ml 3 bottles are the most popular purchased dosages. These eye drops are successfully applied for cutting of the eyes’ allergic lesions manifestations (contact conjunctivitis, seasonal allergic sicknesses of eyes and different others). This medical preparation possesses by powerful and prolonged antiallergic effect. It is moved well and it practically doesn’t call any collateral results even under the prolonged applying during the whole therapeutic course. You cannot take this remedy if you have allergy on the medicines especially on the main active substance (Azelastine) or you take other antiallergic medicaments (especially in view of injections). You can buy Optivar online through internet with help of our informational portal. Nowadays it is very easy and popular to do ordering and buying of different medicamental agents including the cheapest Optivar in the best US pharmacies.

Generic name: Azelastine
Brand name: Allergodile, Optivar