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Pancrelipase refers to the class of polienzymatic medicamental preparations. Some pancreatic ferments containing to the structure of this drug (ferments of pancreas) – amylase, lipase and protease facilitates the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and proteins that promotes their fuller absorption in thin bowel. Under some sicknesses of pancreas this medication compensates the insufficiency of its secretory function (digestive juice discharge) and facilitates some improving of digestion process. Pancrelipase 100 pills are the most widespread realizing form. This medicament is chiefly indicated under some shortage of pancreas’s secretory function (chronic pancreatitis – inflammation of pancreas; mucoviscidosis – hereditary disease characterized by exit ducts’ embolism of the pancreas, some glands of respiratory ways and bowels, viscous secret and others); chronic inflammatory-dystrophic illnesses of stomach, bowels, liver and gallbladder; several conditions after resection (moving off the organ’s part) or irradiation of these organs accompanied by some distributions of food digestion, meteorism (intestinal gas collection in bowels), diarrhea – in structure of combined therapy; the condition after pancreatectomy (pancreas demounting) and many others. It is also taken for improving of meal digestion by patients with normal function of gastrointestinal tract in case of diet damage and also under some distributions of masticatory function, sedentary lifestyle and others. Patients often buy Pancrelipase online through medicamental internet-portals.

Generic name: Pancrelipase
Brand name: Prolipase, Uni-festal, Festal-N, Enzistal-P, Ermital, Pancreatine forte, Pancretine-LekT, Pancrenorm, Pancreatine, Pancriatine, Pancitrat, Penzital, Kreon, Mezim, Mezim forte, Micrazim