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Pepfiz covers to the medicamental group of carminative preparations generally applied under different intestinal disturbances of functional character. The main active component is Simetikon. It is chemically inert substance which isn’t absorbed in blood over mucous membrane of digestive tract. This medication provides the gas bubbles’ destruction which are formatted in bowels under the redundant gas-formation. Released gases (thanks to some influence of the main active substance) are become extinct from the bowels by their natural way. This medical agent can be applied for different preventive measures of patients to various diagnostic procedures and they may be also used for the therapy of dyspepsia, aerophagia, several poisoning and other negative conditions and sicknesses accompanied by meteorism. Thanks to good portability of this medication it can be employed for all age-related categories (from infants till aged patients). This drug isn’t contra indicated in period of lactation and gestation. Pepfiz 60mg/20mg/25mg 40 pills are chiefly taken for the medical cure of aerophagia, gastrocardiac syndrome, meteorism (including this one in post operative period); poisoning, Remgeld’s syndrome; prevention to some endoscopic research, radiography, sonography, ultrasonic scanning and different others. During the clinical tests it was marked that this medicament also renders a protective action on the surface of stomach’s mucous membrane and prevents it from negative influence of fatty acids, hydrochloric and acetylsalicinic acids. This preparation is also capable to suppress the pathologic growth of Helicobacter pylori bacteria. In can be included in complex therapy of stomach sicknesses. Buy Pepfiz online without a prescription right now.

Generic name: Simetikon
Brand name: Espumisan, Meteospasmyl, Pepfiz, Antiflat Lannacher, Carmolis drops, Simicol, Gascon Drops, Unienzym with MPS, Pepsan-R, Relcer, Softovac