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Picrolax Himalaya is a natural (herbal) medicamental preparation. This medication possesses by safe, gentle and laxative effect. These capsules provide the feces’ some smooth evacuation without any troubling the fluid-electrolyte balance. It is a drug for the medical cure of acute costiveness. Each medicine has the extracts of the substance Katuka (or Picrorhiza kurroa) in dosage of 150mg. Many people more and more often do ordering and then purchasing the medicament Picrolax 6 packs as the most widespread realizing form. This medical remedy is generally employed for the treatment of acute sporadic coprostasis, the defecatory disability which is associated with hemorrhoids, obstipation such in pre operative as in post operative periods (conditions), stool retention by some patients with cardiovascular sicknesses and many others. These capsules practically don’t have any nonoperating effects and contra indications. These medicines can be taken such by adults and aged people as by children and teenagers. The drug also can be applied together with other medicamental agents such as antibiotics, antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory preparations, and different others. This medicament is applied in combined therapy under different sicknesses of liver, kidneys, stomach, duodenum, bowels, digestion (and even digestive system at all) and some others which are accompanied by defecatory disability (constipation). Nowadays it becomes very easy and popular to buy Picrolax online and various other medicamental preparations with helping of our informational medical portal.

Generic name: Picrolax
Brand name: Picrolax