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Regenon (Tenuate) refers to a group of medicaments with expressed anorectic activity. The main active substance is Diethylpropion. This remedy less affects the central nervous system, peripheral adrenergic structure and cardiovascular system. The preparation has a very weak stimulatory effect on the CNS. In therapeutic doses medicines does not alter blood pressure. The medication is applied as a means of reducing excessive appetite in the treatment of various forms of obesity including exogenous obesity, adiposogenital dystrophy (in conjunction with hormonal therapy), hypothyroidism and other forms of adiposis. Less pronounced effect on cardiovascular system allows the applying of the medicine in obese individuals with no pronounced cardiovascular sicknesses. Regenon 25mg 90 pills may be ordered by the lowest price in different online pharmacies. This medicament also can be used in mild forms of diabetes, accompanied by obesity, as well as in a number of cases (an individual approach) with adiposis in patients who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle. In individuals with hypersensitiveness to the medicament product may cause irritability, insomnia, and dry mouth, possible violations of the gastrointestinal tract as diarrhea or constipation. Do not take this means in pregnancy, disorders of coronary and stroke, myocardial infarction, thyrotoxicosis, medium and heavy forms of diabetes, fevers, epilepsy, psychosis, sleep disorders. If you have a preparation’s prescription you have to buy Regenon online. It is the easiest and the most widespread way nowadays as not everybody has enough free time to visit ordinary pharmacies.

Generic name: Diethylpropion
Brand name: Regenon, Tenuate