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Relent is an anti allergic preparation produced in form of tablets for application inward. The remedy covers to the combined medications which include the substances with different actions. The medicant is mostly employed for some allergic symptoms’ easing and brining down of allergic inflammation of affected organs. These symptoms cam be itching of skin, watery eyes, hay fever, runny nose, angiodema, urticaria, sneezing and different other allergic reactions and sicknesses. Sometimes the remedy can be used under the food or medicinal poisoning (only after doctor’s consulting). Relent 60 mg 90 pills are the most widespread form of medicines’ realizing. The medicament has very broad spectrum of tablets’ action. The preparation also has allergy calming (antiallergic), sedative and anticholinergic effects. Every patient who has one or several allergic illnesses or reactions of organism by the different things can buy Relent online or other anti allergic preparations if he or she has several problems with health.

Generic name: Relent