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Selegiline refers to the class of antiparkinsonian medical remedies which are the selective inhibitors of MAO the type II. This medication (with the same active substance) suppresses the metabolism of dopamine (and other thiramohomothetic matters) and thanks to this action the preparation heightens its containing in nuclei of extrapyramidal system and other sections of the person’s brain. The drug also heightens the dopamine concentration in the central nervous system and removes its deficit in extrapyramidal system. The medicament doesn’t exponentiates the activity of indirect adrenoceptor agonists and serotonin. The substance forms some metabolites (amphetamine, meth) suppressed the reverse capture of dopamine in synapses. The most widespread purchased dosage is Selegiline 5mg 90 pills. The main indications for application include Parkinson’s sickness, symptomatic parkinsonism and some other negative conditions tied together with paralysis agitans. It is used such in view of monotherapy as in combination with Levodopa or some other medical preparations containing this matter. This medication can be also applied in complex therapy for the medical cure of primary neuronal degeneration, endogenous depressions or dementia under Alzheimer’s sickness. The medcines are contra indicated under the hypersensitiveness to the main active ingredient (or other matters containing this drug), gestation (especially the last terms), lactation’s period (you need to stop breast-feeding if you begin your treatment with this medical agent) and some others. The patient usually buy Selegiline online after visiting and consulting with their physicians.

Generic name: Selegiline
Brand name: Eldepryl