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Serpina is the first herbal medicamental agent of the company Himalaya. As part of the preparation plant Rauwolfia is a powerful antihypertensive remedy, a herb with a strong odor. Reserpine, the active compound contained therein, gives the antihypertensive properties. The hypotensive activity is mostly associated with some decreasing in peripheral resistance and as a result has a calming effect and lowers the heart rate. This medicament causes a decrease of peripheral stocks of kotelamine (norepinephrine), which helps to lower arterial pressure. Serpina 4 bottles are better to be bought by the lowest price through the best US Internet-drugstores. Today this is wide spread. It reduces the adrenergic tone of the heart and helps to control anxiety. Thus, preparation’s beneficial effect in the distributions treatment is associated with nervous tension, anxiety and high arterial pressure. The medication relaxes the smooth muscles, stimulates breathing, and relieves strain the heart muscle. The main indications for applying are moderate hypertension, insomnia and anxiety, neurasthenia, bites of poisonous animals and reptiles, sexual hyperexcitability and excessive sexual desire (2 pills a day for a month). To determine the dosage, which will better match your state, please consult a specialist. Duration of the course of this medical preparation is two to four weeks. Break is the next four weeks. Significant improvement can occur with repeated courses within 2 weeks. Side effects are non-toxic. There is possible diarrhea, feeling depressed, nausea, nocturia, and polyuria, loss of appetite. The contra indications are personal idiosyncrasy and some others. You may generally buy Serpina online if you have some problems with arterial blood pressure.

Generic name: Serpina
Brand name: Serpina