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Sevelamer covers to medications for the treating of hyperphosphatemia. Polymer allylamine hydrochloride is not absorbed in the gastro intestinal tract. Binding phosphates in the digestive tract, it reduces the concentration of phosphate in the serum. Remedy does not contain calcium, so when using the medicament frequency of hypercalcemia development is lower than in patients who receive calcium-based drugs binding phosphates. In clinical studies it is proved that the impact on the level of phosphorus and calcium in the blood is maintained while taking the remedy for one year. Preparation is not absorbed from the gastroenteric tract. The possibility of a systemic absorption and cumulation with prolonged use cannot be completely excluded. Sevelamer 800mg 90 pills can be purchased online and applied to prevent hyperphosphatemia in chronic renal impairment of patients on hemodialysis (in the complex therapy including calcium supplements). For patients not receiving means binding phosphates, the dose should be individualized on the basis of measurements of phosphate concentration in the serum. You can use with caution at inflammatory bowel disease, gastrointestinal motility disorders (including constipation), during surgery on the gastrointestinal tract. Phosphate concentration is monitored every two weeks to achieve the stabilization. Side effects are more common in people with end-stage renal disease. Medicaments, for which decrease in bioavailability can have clinical value, should be applied for 1 hour before or three hours after medication’s administration. Many humans have the possibility to buy Sevelamer online.

Generic name: Sevelamer
Brand name: Renagel, Sevacor