Should you talk to a Doctor about Erectile Dysfunction … for a friend?

by 7daypharmacy

Every year, Americans spend twice as much on erectile dysfunction medicine as they do toilet paper. $5 billion every year is spent on pills and medicine to cure erectile dysfunction (ED). 


A small percentage of this is for recreational use. However, for the majority of men who need these pills and other forms of cures, this is a serious problem that needs a solution. 

Alongside Viagra, the world’s most well-known brand in this market, there are numerous other FDA-approved pills and cures. Including lotions and injections. Beyond those, American consumers spend around $34 billion on alternative medicines, including dozens of non-FDA approved pills supposedly designed to cure erectile dysfunction. 


Are ‘gas station pills’ the answer? 


Although there might be pills worth taking out there, the vast majority are unlikely to be effective. 

Pills on sales in health stores, drugs stores and gas stations always clearly display they are alternative medicines. This means they’re not FDA approved and are unlikely to ever apply or get that approval. Instead, they’re sold as lifestyle enhancer tablets, the same way as vitamin supplements and a whole load of other pills you can buy considerably cheaper than Viagra and other brands. 

Many of these contain all sorts of herbs and plant-based ingredients, often from Asia and Africa. Some of them are said to be based on medicines invented long-before Western medicines. Always take what they advertise with a pinch of salt and skepticism. 

Some of these on-the-shelf pills will claim to do similar things as Viagra. Most of them don’t, or at least, not to the same level of effectiveness. Often, when a brand of tablets is claiming to provide a cure, albeit temporary one, for erectile dysfunction, it means they contain derivatives of the working ingredients found in Viagra and similar tablets. 

With it often being unclear what these tablets contain, men struggling with erectile dysfunction can’t expect to get the same results they would expect and need of FDA-approved medicines and other cures. 

It is a Pandora’s box inside these pills. Some work, some don’t. Not unlike someone thinking they’re buying weed or CBD-based drugs, when really they’re buying herbs and spices. Herbs and so-called ‘Ancient’ wisdom and power supplements won’t get the results men need. 

The Enzyte controversy is one example of pills being advertised as an erectile dysfunction cure that wasn’t FDA approved and promoted medicine that wasn’t really effective at doing what it claimed. Be careful when reading the labels of pills such as this, as you never know what they contain, and unless you are a pharmacist or plants and herbs expert, you could be encouraged to buy based on false promises and fake science. 

So, if these gas station and health store supplements aren’t the answer, how should men look at curing erectile dysfunction? 


Should you talk to a doctor about erectile dysfunction? 


It depends, on how serious the erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms are. And whether these are a sign of other health conditions, such as obesity and heart conditions. 

Recent studies have shown that patients with heart disease and blocked arteries are more likely to also suffer from ED. When blood flow around the body is reduced and restricted, this makes it more difficult to get an erection. 

Being overweight and obese, smoking and drinking too much, and having other more serious health conditions, including cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes, all have an impact on the ability to get and maintain an erection. 

Sedentary lifestyles and stress also play a role in this. Anything that negatively impacts a man’s confidence and emotional wellbeing can reduce sexual energy. Age, of course, plays a role. As men age, testosterone levels reduce, making it more difficult to get and maintain erections and sexual stamina for as long as it was possible when younger. 

So, for anyone suffering these kinds of symptoms, whether or not you need a blue pill, another brand, or another type of cure — such as a penile injection or cream — depends on how long you’ve been experiencing ED symptoms. Once or twice does not necessarily mean its erectile dysfunction. 

Although these can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, and sometimes stressful and worrying experiences, age, tiredness, stress, food and drink always have a potential impact on getting erections. Doctors only class this as something that needs treatment when symptoms are persistent. Talking to a doctor is recommended when it keeps happening, and certainly when you’ve got at least 6-months with diminished sexual capacity and infrequent or limited erections (or none at all). 

After experiencing ED symptoms for around 6-months, it’s recommended that you talk to a doctor. However, this is not to say to leave the situation alone for that amount of time. 

A lot of the pills you need can be bought over-the-counter, online, in stores, and other treatments can be bought from various healthcare providers. Always look at what is involved, whether they’re safe and FDA-approved, and what the risks are. Every form of treatment carries some kind of risks and potential side effects. 

Remember, when it comes to erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual appetite and desires, there are always cures. You aren’t alone. Talk to medical professionals as required, even therapists and dietitians, partners, friends and family. Talking is part of the solution, and there are dozens of approved and safe medicines and pills you can take that will help solve this.