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SleepWell is a natural herbal preparation. It is an analog of the medicamental agent Zopiclone. This medication consists of different herbal supplements such as Hyoscyamus Niger, Nardostchya Jatamanshi, Excipeients Q.S, Ferula Narthx, Valeriana Wallichi, Piper Longam Root and Withania Somnifera. This remedy belongs to the dormitive agents. SleepWell 40 mg 4 bottles are very successfully taken under insomnia of inorganic etiology, some distributions of sleeping cyclic recurrence and wakefulness, sleeping damages (falling asleep difficulty, frequent night and/or early morning awakening including situational, short-period and chronic sleeplessness, secondary distributions of slumber under various psychical derangements and many others. The contra indications are mostly presented by hyperresponsiveness to one of the main active substances, expressed breathing insufficiency, gestation (especially in the second and third terms), breast-feeding, child’s age till eighteen years old and so on. The restriction for applying of this remedy includes apneustic breath during the patient’s sleeping, myasthenia, expressed renal insufficiency and some others. Anti-anxiety medicines are mainly presented by different medicamental agents which are very popular all over the world such among women as amine male persons. But the majority of our clients prefer to buy SleepWell online with helping of the best pharmacies all over the country which offer many methods of payment, delivery all over the USA and the lowest price of different preparations.

Generic name: Zopiclone
Brand name: Zolinox, SleepWell, Imovane, Relaxon, Zopiclon, Milovan, Zopiclon 7.5 SL, Piclodorm, Somnol