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Solian refers to the group of antipsychotic remedies mainly blocking action on the presynaptic D2/D3-receptors. The medication belongs to the class of substituted benzamides. The main active substance is Amisulpride. This matter doesn’t possess by affinity with receptors of serotonin, dopaminergic, adrenergic and cholinergic ones. Under the application in the highest dosages this medicament blocks mainly dopaminergic neurons located in mesolimbic structures but not in the striatal system. In the lowest doses the medicant generally blocks some presynaptic D2/D3-receptors that explains its action on the schizophrenia’s negative symptoms. The remedy also makes easier the secondary negative symptoms of illness by the sick individuals with acute schizophrenia. Solian 100mg 90 pills can be ordered and bought by every patient for the medical cure of psychosis (especially acute and chronic forms), sharp or chronic schizophrenic distributions accompanied by some positive symptoms (delirium, hallucinations, disorders of thinking) and/or several negative conditions (affective stupidity, absence of emotionality and going away from speaking with somebody including the patients with mainly negative symptomatology) and some others. The contra indication for applying can be presented by hypersensitiveness to this medicant (or its components), children and teens till fifteen years old, pregnant women, lactation, breast cancer, heavy hepatic insufficiency and different others. Nowadays many people do purchasing through internet including different medicamental agent. So you can buy Solian online saved your time maximally.

Generic name: Amisulpride
Brand name: Deniban, Solian