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Sterapred is a glucocorticoid, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic preparation. The main active substance is Prednisone. The matter stabilizes the cells membranes including lysosomal ones, diminishes the withdrawal of proteolytic ferments from the lysosomes (stopping the phases of alteration and restriction of inflammation nidus), inhibits the phospholipase A2, disturbs the libration of arachidonic acid and as consequence it oppresses the synthesis of prostaglandin (PG), oxyacids and leukotrienes. The substance also applies the brake to activity of hyaluronidase and brings down the permeability of capillaries and activity of fibroblasts. Every patient orders Sterapred 20 mg 120 pills as the most widespread doses and realizing forms. Antiallergic behavior are made conditional by the infringement of fatty cells degranulation, diminution of leukotrienes synthesis and suppression of antibodies production and stimulated the influence by the cardiac activity and so on. The remedy is broadly applied under the bronchial asthma, some allergic sicknesses and several other diseases. You can buy Sterapred online and some other anti allergic preparations in online chemist’s shop.

Generic name: Sterapred
Brand name: Prednisone