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Sumenta is a combination of anxiolytics, anti-stressed and adaptogenic ingredients of vegetable origin (such as Brahmi Herpestis, Tagar Valeriana, Ashwagandha Withania Somnifera, Shankhapushpi Evolvulus alsinoides, Jatamansi Nardostachys and several others).
Brahmi Herpestis renders an anxiolytic (calming) action which is comparable with the medication lorazepam. Tagar (Valeriana) also manifests a sedative effect and improves your sleeping. Ashwagandha operates as stabilizer of patient’s mood. This preparation is safe anxiolytic as compared, for example with benzodiazepines. All ingredients of this medicament prove their effectiveness in case of depression accompanied by anxiety, uneasiness and concomitant sicknesses. The drug is mainly realized in form of Sumenta 5mg 120 pills. The medicant is indicated under the clinical uneasiness if light and medium degree, mixed depressive-anxious conditions of the light degree, anxiety tied together with other diseases, for example if the alarm accompanies something like psychosomatic illness, premenstrual syndrome, barrenness, abortion or miscarriage during the menopause and so on. Together with applying of this remedy it is recommended to do physical exercises for improving of general state, mental health, right working of the central nervous system and energy increasing; use a balanced and healthy food, allot enough time for sleeping, and others. Everyone, who has one of these problems with sleeping or other negative nervous conditions and distributions, can buy Sumenta online without any prescriptions from you physician.

Generic name: Sumenta
Brand name: Stress Guard