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Theophylline refers to the adenosinergic agents. This preparation has spasmolytic, broncholytic, antiasthmatic, vasodilating, cardiotonic and diuretic pharmacological actions. The medication ties together adenosine receptors. The medicant also relaxes the smooth musculature of internal organs (bronchial tubes, gastrointestinal tract and womb), suppresses the degranulation of fatty cells and brings down the level of allergy’s mediator (thrombotonin, histamine and others) in blood (antiallergic effect). Theophylline 600 mg 90 pills are dosages and packages which are recommended by all physicians. The remedy heightens the respiratory musculature tonus (intercostal muscles and diaphragm), broadens the vessels of lungs and makes better the blood oxygenation. This drug brakes the platelets aggregation, raises the steadiness of erythrocytes to the deformation (improves the blood’s rheological properties), lessens the blood clot organization and normalizes the microcirculation. The antianginal effect (increase of oxygen delivery to the myocardium) is made conditional by widening of coronary arteries. If you have bronchial asthma or some asthmatic status of different etiology you can use and buy Theophylline online through internet in our chemist’s shop.

Generic name: Theophylline
Brand name: Diphenhydramine