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Trikatu is a very famous and effective ayurvedic herbal preparation. This medication is a combination of three sharp substances – black piper, pippaly (long piper) and dry ginger. This natural medicament possesses by expectorated and stimulating property. The remedy mostly improves the digestion, cleans the organism from waste products and toxins and many others. It also takes away some excesses of mucus and fluid from patient’s organism thanks to these processes this promotes to the natural lowering of person’s weight. The medicant strengthens the fire of digestion and as a result the patient’s appetite. This herbal preparation is successfully taken under different catarrhal sicknesses; in this case the medical agent will operate as expectorated remedy. Trikatu 4 bottles are the most widespread purchased packages. You can apply this drug under some negative conditions as indigestion, reduced appetite, cough, waste products’ removal, some distributions of fatty exchange, nausea, colics, vomiting, gases, obesity, redundant or other way insufficient weight and so on. But this medication has different contra indications for applying such as various inflammatory sicknesses of skin, hyperthermia, bleeding, ulcerous illness, some inflammatory conditions of digestive organs, gestation, breast-feeding, and many others. It is followed to know that the dosage is allocated only by your physician individually, proceeding from your age, weight, general condition and some other individual characteristics. Everybody who wishes to buy Trikatu online can do it through our informational internet-service.

Generic name: Trikatu
Brand name: Trikatu Churna Nidco