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Triphala Himalaya is an ancient herbal remedy well-known in India during the thousands years. With helping of this preparation it is reached the wonderful results on organism rejuvenation and different sicknesses healing. The medication id mainly used as independent medical agent especially under some illnesses of blood, distributions of bowels’ functions, nervous exhaustion and insomnia. The most widespread sold dosages and realizing forms are Triphala 4 bottles. This natural officinal preparation is generally taken for rejuvenation of person’s organisms, cleaning from toxins and waste products; under vision weakness, several sicknesses of gastrointestinal tract, chronic costivenesses, syndrome of chronic weariness, different skin illnesses; for speeded up restoration of broken bones, memory renewal and so on. This medication also helps in regulating of hemoglobin formations in blood cleaning the blood, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, spleen and so on. This medical agent mostly removes off some stresses and stressed conditions and brings into balance all systems of patient’s organism. The drug is also employed for the treatment of insomnia and cough. Among contraindications there are individual nonsusceptibility of one or several main active components, gestation, breast-feeding and several others. It is a natural remedy and it doesn’t have any collateral results. Nowadays people more often order and purchase different ayurvedic herbal preparations, especially they usually buy Triphala online without any problems.

Generic name: Triphala
Brand name: Triphala Dabur, Trifala churna Nidco, Thriphaladi Choornam Kottakkal AVS, Trifala churna Shri Ganga, Trifala churna Amrita