Xanax (Brand) refers to medications with anxiolytic effect that reduce the feelings of anxiety, fear and also stress, anxiety. Antidepressant drug activity is also marked. It has a central muscle relaxing, mild hypnotic activity. An anxiolytic effect is the reduction of fear, easing anxiety, anxiety, emotional tension. Sedative- hypnotic action is the decrease in symptomatology of neurotic origin. Evident anxiolytic activity is combined with the moderate hypnotic effect, shortens the falling asleep period, increases the sleep duration, decreases the quantity of nighttime awakenings. It reduces the impact of emotional, vegetative and also motor stimulants that violate a mechanism of sleep. Nowadays Xanax (Brand) 1mg 360 pills are the broad realized form of medicine. Indications for admission are the anxiety and neurosis, somatic disorders, mixed anxiety and also depression.