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Xopenex belongs to the anti allergic preparations. The main active substance is Levalbuterol HCl. This matter is a sympathomimetic bronchodilator (beta version agonist). This preparation is broadly applied under the bronchial asthma (asthma bronchiale). It is a sickness which has some main signs (attacks or periodical conditions of expiratory suffocation) made conditional by the bronchial tubes’ pathologic hyperactivity. The widespread using for of package is Xopenex 50mcg which are employed in 200 applications (times). This medication is realized in view of mist spray (aerosol). The remedy is also taken under chronic allergic bronchitis and allergic cough. Every modern patient employs the Internet and order different things in online shops and can buy Xopenex l online in any time heshe needs in our pharmacy.

Generic name: Levalbuterol HCl
Brand name: Xopenex