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Xtane is an inhibitor of aromatase. It is similar (by its structure) with natural steroidal hormone of androstenedione. The main active substance is Exemestane. The mechanism of its action is conditioned by irreversible tying together with active fragment of aromatase that mainly brings to the ferment inactivation. This matter doesn’t possess any progestagenous and estragenous activity. Under the applying in high dosages it is manifested only insignificant androgenic activity. This preparation also doesn’t render any influence on the biosynthesis of hydrocortisone and aldosterone in suprarenal glands. Xtane 25mg 90 pills are widely-spread realizing form of these medicines nowadays. The drug is mostly used for the treatment of widespread cancer of lactiferous gland by female persons in natural or induce post menopausal period who has some progressing sicknesses on the background of anti estragenous therapy; hormonal therapy under the widely-spread breast carcinoma be women in natural or impressed post menopause when it is revealed the progressing sickness on the background of treating as nonsteroidal inhibitors of aromatase as progestins. This medicament cannot be applied under heightened vulnerability to the main active component or other substances containing to the structure of this medical preparation, pregnant female persons, children and women with breast-feeding. Many people more and more often purchase different medicaments in the best US drugstores. Our medicamental portal suggests everyone to buy Xtane online at the lowest prices without any prescriptions.

Generic name: Exemestane
Brand name: Aromasin, Xtane