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Product name: Albenza
Dosages: 400mg
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Albenza belongs to the group of benzimidazole carbamate derivative. Preparation is effective for most intestinal nematosis and larval (larval forms) cestodosis. The main mechanism of action is associated with selective inhibition of beta-tubulin polymerization, resulting in degradation of cytoplasmic microtubules cells of intestinal helminths. Medicines changes the course of biochemical process, inhibits the glucose utilization and also inhibits ATP synthesis, blocks the secretory granules movement and other organelles in muscle cells roundworms, causing their death. While absorption it is transformed into the sulfodoksid albendazole, which is present in high concentrations of plasma and tissues. This compound provides high efficacy. It is long absorbed. The retention time of the drug in the body is 17.3 hours. Therapeutic doses are much lower than toxic dosages. This makes it possible to recommend for practical use. Numerous clinical trials have confirmed the preparation’s good tolerability. Albenza 400 mg 360 pills are possible to be ordered by the low price in the Internet. Remedy is used for worm infestations, including nematodes as neurocysticercosis; ascariasis; hookworm disease; enterobiosis; trichocephalosis; strongyloidiasis; necatoriasis; microsporidiosis; toxocariasis; giardiasis; opistorhoz; mixed helminth infections. Practice shows that this product is high antiparasitic drug of polyvalent action. It can treat most of the existing helminthiasis. Nowadays it is not difficult to buy Albenza online.

Generic name: Albendazole
Brand name: Alminth, Albex, Eskazole

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