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Product name: Benicar
Dosages: 20mg 40mg
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Benicar refers to the antihypertensive medicamental agents. This preparation has a high selectivity for receptors of II type 1 angiotensin. The main active ingredient is Olmesartan. By blocking such receptors, this active component prevents and also eliminates the angiotensin’s vasoconstrictor action, causing a secondary increasing in plasma renin activity by eliminating the negative feedback from the release of renin. For arterial hypertension the medicament causes a dosing-dependent, long-term decrease of arterial pressure. There is no information regarding the development of hypotension after the first dosage of remedy during long-lasting treatment and withdrawal. Using of medication Benicar 40mg 360 pills one time per day provides effective and smooth decreasing in blood pressure for twenty four hours. The maximum anti hypertensive effect is achieved within 8 weeks from the start of therapy, a significant effect of arterial pressure reducing is observed after two weeks of treating. This medicant is generally indicated under essential hypertension. Different adverse effects are dizziness, bronchitis, pharyngitis, nausea, cough, dyspepsia, gastroenteritis, rhinitis, hematuria, stomach pain, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, arthritis, bone pain, back pain, chest pain, fatigue, pain, hyperuricemia. People cannot take these medicines in case of pregnancy, hypersensitivity to the active substance, obstruction of biliary tract, lactation period, children and teens under 18 years (effectiveness and safety has not been studied). If you assigned this means you may buy Benicar online at any free time you have.

Generic name: Olmesartan
Brand name: Benicar, Olmetec, Olmezest, Olmecip

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