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Bromazepam is a powerful tranquilizer or ataractic drug from the medical group of benzodiazepines with the same active substance. This medication possesses by anxiolytic, hypnotic, anti-convulsive, calming, sedative and central muscle relaxing action. The anxiolytic effect is conditioned by some influence on the almond-shaped complex of limbic system and it is manifested in diminishing of emotional tension, weakening of fear, anxiety, uneasiness, nervousness, alarm, agitation and so on. The sedative action is conditioned by some influence on the reticular formation of brain stem and thalamus’s nonspecific nuclei and it is also manifested by decreasing of several neurotic syndromes (such as uneasiness, alarm, fear and so on). Bromazepam 3mg 90 pills are realized at the lowest price all over the country. The main indications include some neuroses and psychopathies (which are mostly accompanied by different phobias, fear, alarm, uneasiness, emotional tension, anxieties and others), insomnia (under the fear neuroses), functional psychosomatic distributions of cardiovascular system, breathing passages (hyperventilation, breathing difficulty, dyspnea), digestive system (syndrome of irritated fat bowels), urinary and genital systems (quickened urination, menorrhalgia, climacteric and menstrual disarrays), psychogenic headache, psychogenic dermatoses (sicknesses which are generally accompanied by itching and irritability) and many others. Every patient can buy Bromazepam online at the easiest and most popular way with help of our internet-drugstore.

Generic name: Bromazepam
Brand name: Bromazep, Calmepam, Lannaher, Bromidem, Normoc, Lexilium, Lexotan