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Product name: Chloromycetin
Dosages: 250mg
Min price per item: $1.13 per item
Delivery: Worldwide
Shipping methods: International Unregistered Mail: 14-21 days - $9.95; Trackable Courier Service: 5-9 days - $29.95
Shipping cost: $9.95
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Product name: Chloromycetin
Dosages: 500mg
Min price per item: $1.13 per item
Delivery: Worldwide
Shipping methods: Regular Airmail 10-21 days, Express Courier (US Customers Only) 8-14 days.
Shipping cost: $15.00
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Generic Chloramphenicol 500mg + FREE BONUS PILLS
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Chloromycetin relates to the medical class of the synthetic antibiotics with broad-spectrum of their actions. This medication renders a bacteriostatic action and it is very active one in relation to the majority of gram-positive and sometimes gram-negative microorganisms, rickettsia, some large viruses and spirochetes. This drug operates on the strains of various bacteria which are steadfast to the antibiotics from penicillins, streptomycins and sulfonamides’ groups. Chloromycetin 250mg 120 pills are the most widespread packs of these medicines. The tablets are generally taken under the infectious-inflammatory illnesses of the gastrointestinal tract as specific medicamental remedy under typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, bacillary dysentery, brucellosis, salmonellosis, Bruce’s septicemia, tularemia, Mediterranean phthisis, Pahvant valley plague, clamidiosis, whooping cough, bacterial pneumonia, pertussis, camp fever, epidemic typhus and other ricketsiosis, trachoma, meningitis, granular ophthalmia called by Haemophylus influenzae, shingles, belting lichen, several mixed bacterial infections, gonorrhea, psittacosis, parrot fever and some other infectious sicknesses. This drug cannot be applied under blood formation oppression, individual intolerance of this medical agent, some skin sicknesses (psoriasis, eczema, fungous lesions), in period of lactation and gestation, children till one years old, acute respiratory illnesses, angina, and so on. You can buy Chloromycetin online at the best price all over the country.

Generic name: Laevomycetinum
Brand name: Chloromycetin, Chlornitromycin, Fenicol, Veticol, Vernacetin, Nevimycin, Phenicol.

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