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Clindamycin Gel covers to lincosamides antibiotics. According to the mechanism of action, chemical structure and antimicrobial spectrum is similar to lincomycin, but for the certain types of micro-organisms more active. In some instances, aesthetic medicine, dermatology patients use antibacterial drugs. Most often, it is the local media – gels, creams or liquids, but sometimes systemic antibiotics are required. Clindamycin has a high tropism for skin and subcutaneous tissue, but rather has a detrimental effect on the bacteria that cause it some pathological processes. The preparation penetrates well into the body fluids and tissues including bone tissue. The medicament binds to 50S ribosomal subunit of the bacterial cells and slows down the protein synthesis of sensitive microorganisms. It has an inhibitory effect on the pathological organism’s growth, but at high doses, the remedy helps to kill bacteria. Clindamycin Gel effects on the microorganisms aerobic gram-positive coccus, anaerobic gram-negative bacillus, anaerobic gram-positive bacillus that do not form spores, anaerobic and micro-aerophilic gram-positive coccus. Nowadays the mostly distributed form is Clindamycin Gel 10g 6 tubes. Most clostridia are susceptible to medication, but there are some species that can be resistant to the medicine. Therefore, before a patient is assigned the preparation, it is imperative to conduct a test on the sensitivity to antibiotics. You may have an opportunity to buy clindamycin gel online during all day. The indication for use is treatment of acne.

Generic name: Clindamycin.
Brand names: Cleocin, Clindamax.

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In inflammatory skin processes acne and pimples are formed, and only antibacterial agents can deal with them, besides there are also special care products for problem skin. All these medications have an antiseptic effect, but they struggle with all the bacteria row and are quite aggressive means, so they can not be used for a long time. Among antibiotics that act directly on the desired bacteria we should consider Clindamycin Gel which is topically administered for acne. Antiacne gel effect for external application is caused by the decrease of concentration of free fatty acids in the skin, which suppresses propagation of Propionibacterium acnes – anaerobe contained in sebaceous glands and follicles. Sensitivity of all strains of P. acnes to Clindamycin Gel is proved when applied to in vitro. Patients can order and buy clindamycin gel without prescription overnight delivery every day.

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A thin layer of Clindamycin Gel is applied to the inflamed skin area after cleaning it and drying up 2 times a day. In order to achieve a therapeutic effect in the cure of acne, the treatment should be about 6-8 weeks. If necessary, therapy can last up to six months. People can order Clindamycin Gel online in the pharmacies at any time. Gel for external use is not recommended to be assigned simultaneously with the means of causing flaking and peeling of the skin (including resorcinol, salicylic acid, an alcohol), with soaps or disinfectants containing abrasives – possible cumulative irritant or a drying effect and excessive skin irritation.
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When applied topically gel possible side effects include skin dryness and also irritation, contact skin inflammation, a burning sensation in the organs of vision, inflammation of follicle caused by Gram negative, increased activity of the sebaceous glands. Used externally Clindamycin Gel is absorbed into the skin that cause the appearance of systemic adverse effects. For example, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, abdominal pain, disorders of the stool. Pseudomembranous colitis can develop very rarely. Avoid getting the gel on the mucous membrane of the eyes and the mouth. After applying, you must wash your hands thoroughly. If the gel accidentally gets into your eyes, mucous membranes, skin abrasions on, you should immediately wash affected area with plenty of cool water. Nowadays you can easily find cheap Clindamycin Gel without a prescription in chemist’s shops.