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Product name: Danocrine
Dosages: 50mg 100mg 200mg
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Danocrine refers to the medical agents (androgens) which are mainly similar to the substance testosterone. This preparation oppresses some apportionment of the hypophysial gonadotrophic hormones (the hormones of hypophysis stimulated the formations of hormones in genital glands): luteinizing hormone (which calls the formation of ovary’s yellow body) and follicle-stimulating hormone (which stimulates the process of ovum ripening).In big dosages this medication renders the moderate androgenic (similar like action of male genital hormones) and anabolic (reinforced the protein synthesis) action. The widespread bought dose is Danocrine 100mg 90pills. Thanks to its action this remedy is often taken for treating of endometriosis (including with accompanying barrenness, benign new formations of lactiferous gland, fibrocystic mastitis and others), premenstrual syndrome, gynecomastia (increasing of mammary gland by men) and some other illnesses when it is necessary the suppression of gonadotrophic hormones’ secretion. This medicament is contra indicated for pregnant women, some female individuals who have a period of lactation, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular sicknesses, kidneys and liver insufficiency and many others. This drug is also contra indicated together with powerful antidepressants, anti-anxious preparations, anticoagulants and anti-convulsive remedies. It is possible the strengthening of effect. Every woman can buy Danocrine online if she has some problems with her health and she want to became pregnant.

Generic name: Danazol
Brand name: Danogen, Danocrine

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