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Diclofenac relates to the officinal class of pain relief drugs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory preparations (or NSAIDs). It is a derivative one of phenylacetic acid. The medication has an expressed anti-inflammatory, analgesic and moderate anti-fever effect. Under the treatment of different rheumatoid sicknesses the remedy weakens the pains in injuries in a state of rest and under the movement, diminishes the morning constraint and injuries swelling and it also promotes the increasing of movements dimension in attacked articulations. The steadfast effect is developed over 1-2 weeks from the treatment beginning. Diclofenac SR/75mg 90 pills are mainly taken for the medical cure (generally as monotherapy but sometimes it is possible the application of this remedy together with other pain killers, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories or antiviral preparations) of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid spondylitis (or poker back), inflammatory illnesses of soft tissues and articulations which are mainly accompanied by painful syndrome including some injuries of locomotive apparatus; acute attacks of podagra, arthrosis, spondylarthrosis, neuritis, neuralgia, lumbago or lumbar rheumatism, radiculitis, primary dysmenorrhea and several others. The short course of treating is allocated under the tendinitis, bursitis, postsurgical painful syndrome and others. Buy Diclofenac online without any prescriptions right now.

Generic name: Diclofenac
Brand name: Pentagesic, Voltarol Retard, Voveran, Voltaren, Voltarol Rapid, Diclomax Retard, Diclomax SR, Voltarol SR, Voltarol, Econac, Flamrase, Fenactol, Flamatak, Volsaid SR, Rhumalgan XL, Rhumalgan SR, Dyloject, Defenac, Diclozip, Diclofex, Motifene