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Product name: Femara
Dosages: 2.5mg
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Femara refers to the anti tumourous medicamental remedies. It is an inhibitor of estrogens’ synthesis. The main active ingredient is Letrozole. This substance mainly renders an anti estragenous action and it usually selectively inhibits an aromatase (a ferment of estrogens’ synthesis) by the way of highly specific competitive tying together with subunit of this ferment. The main active matter also blocks the synthesis of some estrogens such in peripheral tissues as in the tumourous ones. Estrogens are formed mainly under the participation of aromatase’s ferment which transforms the synthesized androgens in suprarenal glands (in the first case androstenedione and testosterone) into the estrone and Estradiol by female persons in post menopausal period. The most widely-distributed purchased form is Femara 2.5 mg 90 pills. These medicines are generally applied for the medical cure of widely-spread cancer of lactiferous gland or breast mainly by women in post menopausal period including those ones under the resistance to the therapy with anti estrogens. The main contra indications include endocrinous state which is typical for the reproductive period, gestation, the period of lactation (or breast-feeding), child’s age, heightened apprehensibility to this preparation’s components and so on. You can buy Femara online without any prescriptions and take it with prudence under the lactase deficit, lactase intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption, some sicknesses of kidneys and liver, different problems and negative conditions of stomach and heart and several others.

Generic name: Letrozole
Brand name: Letrofil, Femara, Trozet, Femar

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