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Product name: Isordil
Dosages: 10mg
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Isordil is one of the main antianginal (anti-ischemic) organic nitrates for peroral (over the mouth) applying. The main active substance is Isosorbide dinitrate. This matter possess by antianginal and vasodilating action. The drug increases the containing of nitrogen oxide in vessels endothelium. The remedy possesses by some behavior mainly of venous and also arterial dilatator. Isordil 10mg 180 pills are the main doses for the whole course of medical cure. This medicamental agent is broadly allocated in view of antianginal remedy under the chronic flowing of heart’s ishemic sickness for preventive measures for stenocardia attacks; under the infrequent attacks of stable stenocardia of tension. During the last several years this medicant is successfully employed in view of peripheral vasodilator (the remedy broadened the vessels’ clear space) under the heaviest forms of cardiac insufficiency. This preparation diminishes the venous blood supply to the heart, pressure in vessels of lesser circle, short breathing, asphyxia or asthma and cyanosis. Sometimes this medicament is assigned under the endarteritis (inflammation of arteries’ inside cover) and some other sicknesses accompanied by some spasms of peripheral vessels. Nowadays more and more patients buy Isordil online with help of our informational portal without any prescriptions. You can also order the delivery all over the country.

Generic name: Isosorbide dinitrate
Brand name: Isordil, Dilatrate-SR, Nitrosorbid, Izodinit, Cornilate, Lomilan, Armadan, Carvizine, Corodil, Coronex, Izotrat, Metronitrone, Vazocardine

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