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Product name: Januvia
Dosages: 25mg 50mg 100mg
Min price per item: $3.64 per item
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Januvia tablets cover to the officinal group of peroral hypo glycemic medications. The main active ingredient is Sitagliptin. This substance is highly selective inhibitor of dipeptidase-4 (or DPP-4). This matter is differed form analogs of hyperglycemic-glycogenolytic similar peptide-1 (HGP-1), insulin, derivatives of sulfonylurea, biguanides, agonists of beta-receptors and some others by its chemical structure and pharmacological actions. Januvia 50mg 98 pills are mainly purchased at the lowest prices. The remedy is mainly indicated in view of monotherapy as addition to the diet and physical loading for improving the control about the sickness of glycemia under the insular diabetes the second type as in form of combined therapy under the diabetes mellitus of the II type for improving of controlling about glycemia in combination with Metformin or agonists of PPAR when the diet and physical load in combination with monotherapy by enumerated remedies don’t bring to the adequate controlling about the glycemia. These medicines are mainly contra indicated under the diabetic ketoacidosis, pancreatic diabetes the first type, gestation, period of lactation (or breast-feeding), heightened sensitiveness to the ingredients of this officinal preparations and some others. It isn’t recommended to allocate this preparation by children and teens in age of eighteen years and several others. If you want to buy Januvia online without any prescriptions you need to visit your physician and take some consultations with him.

Generic name: Sitagliptin
Brand name: Januvia, Galvus, Kombogliza-XR, Nesina, Ongliza, Trajenta

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