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Lumigan relates to the medicamental class of effective eye drops. Their main purpose is the treatment of glaucoma – a serious eye sickness, from which all over the world, millions of people suffer, especially the elderly. The illness of glaucoma is a persistent increase of intraocular pressure. If you ignore the disease, vision will gradually deteriorate, and it can result to blindness. For medical treatment of glaucoma doctor may prescribe you this medicament. The main active substance of this medication well penetrates the human cornea and sclera. It has a very low systemic exposure after instillation, is not capable of cumulation. Thus, a single administration per day maximum of its concentration in the blood occurs within 10 minutes and lowered to a lower limit of sensitivity of laboratory methods for 1.5 hours. The half-life after intravenous administration is about 45 minutes. In the eye a special eye fluid is constantly produced that we need to lubricate and cleanse the eyes. In online pharmacy you can order Lumigan 3ml/0.03% 15 bottles that are used on doctor’s advice, help to normalize the outflow of fluid. The most important thing is to visit a doctor in time and follow specialist’s prescription. The common indication is to instill one drop in the affected eye once a day. After instillation patient needs to lie down a few minutes with closed eyes. For people using lenses it is recommended to have a little rest for eyes on the time of the procedure (15-20 minutes). Among the widespread contra indications for usage of this medical agent are pregnancy, breast-feeding and different allergic reactions to the components of these drops. There is no problem for our patients to buy Lumigan online at the lowest price right now.

Generic name: Bimatoprost
Brand name: Lumigan