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Product name: Minipress
Dosages: 2mg 5mg
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Minipress covers to antihypertensive drug’s group. The active substance of this medicament is Prazosin which mainly expands peripheral veins and reduces preload on the heart, which provides a hypotensive effect. In chronic heart failure remedy improves intracardiac and systemic hemodynamics. After receiving a single dose peak hypotensive effect develops after 1-4 hours, the duration has an effect – up to 10 hours. Minipress 5mg 360 pills are indicated for treating of hypertension, syndrome and Raynaud’s sickness, peripheral vascular spasm in poisoning ergot alkaloids, pheochromocytoma, chronic heart failure, usually in combination therapy, prostatic hyperplasia. Starting treatment of hypertension is recommended by 0.5-1 mg 2-3 times a day. Gradually increase the dose until the optimal, which provides a hypotensive effect. Depending on the severity of symptoms, maintenance dose can vary from 3 to 20 mg per day. The optimal mode of cure and the interval between dosages set individually. At the therapy the stable hypotensive effect develops gradually over months. During the monotherapy there are known cases of early, 3-5 days of treatment or after a few months of use, tolerance. In these cases it is recommended to increase the single dosage of 1 mg or start diuretics. Diuretic drugs are also shown in the slowly developing or poorly marked hypotensive effect. This medicamental remedy is chiefly contra indicated to apply at hypersensitiveness to this drug and to each of its components, structurally, pericarditis, heart defects, pregnancy and lactation period, hypotension, hyponatremia. Sick people prescribed this medication can buy Minipress online at the lowest price right now.

Generic name: Prazosin
Brand name: Minipress

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