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Product name: Misoprostol
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Misoprostol is an anti ulcerous medicamental agent with the same active ingredient. This drug possesses by a high gastro protective, anti ulcerous, supertonic, and stimulating the generic activity the pharmacological action. This preparation also possesses by anti secretory activity. The main active substance ties together with some receptors of stomach’s parietal cells. The remedy also suppresses the basal, stimulated and night secretion of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid; strengthens some formation of bicarbonate and mucus, improves the blood circulation and manifests a cytoprotective action. The medication helps in heightening of steadiness of stomach’s mucous membrane and it also helps in developing of erosive-ulcerous lesions. This medicant promotes to the regenerative process of peptic ulcers. This drug renders a weak stimulating action on the smooth musculature of gastrointestinal tract. You can order and then purchase the medicament Misoprostol 100mg 90 pills in any time you have. This medical agent in chiefly taken for the treatment of gastrointestinal tract’s erosions, ulcerous sickness of stomach and duodenum, erosive-ulcerous lesions of the gastrointestinal tract on the background of the therapy by some officinal remedies including NSAID- gastropathy (such preventing as treating) and some others. This medicament can be also used by female persons for gestation interruption in the early term (till 42 days of amenorrhea) only together with miphepriston. This medicamental product can be contra indicated under the hypersensitivity to this medical agent and some other prostaglandins and their analogs, breast-feeding, child’s and teenager’s age till eighteen years old and so on. Buy Misoprostol online without any prescriptions in our informational service.

Generic name: Misoprostol
Brand name: Cytotec, Mirolut

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