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Product name: Namenda
Dosages: 5mg 10mg
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Namenda is a very effective medicamental agent for treating of dementia. The main active ingredient is Akatinol Мemantine. The drug is an uncompetitive antagonist of glutamate NMDA-receptors (including those ones in substantia nigra), owing to it is lowered the excessive stimulating influence of the cortical glutamate neurons on the neostriatum developed on the background of dopamine’s insufficient discharge. Diminished the entrance of Са2+ to the neurons the remedy brings down their destructions. The main substance possesses by nootropic, cerebrovasodilating, anti hypoxemic and psycho stimulating actions. This medication maximally improves the weakening memory, heightens the capability to attention concentration, diminishes the fatigability and depression’s symptoms, and decreases the spasticity of skeletal muscles called by some sicknesses or brain’s failures. Namenda 5mg 90 pills are very successfully taken for the medical cure of dementia (medium or heavy degree) under the Alzheimer’s illness or primary neuronal degeneration. This preparation is mainly contra indicated under hard hepatic insufficiency, pregnancy, child’s and teen’s age till eighteen years old, period of lactation, heightened perceptibility to the main matter and some others. The patients with epilepsy, renal insufficiency, thyrotoxicosis, some convulsions in anamnesis, arterial hypertension, cardiac infarction in anamnesis, heart failure and some other cardiac illnesses can apply this drug with care. Every, who withes to buy Namenda online, can do it right now through our internet-drugstore.

Generic name: Мemantine
Brand name: Akatinol, Namenda, Admenta, Ebixa, Memox, Mentadem, Abixa, Axura

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