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Product name: Nimotop
Dosages: 30mg
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Nimotop belongs to a group of blockers of slow calcium channels. Preparation has a highly spasmolytic effect against cerebral vessels. Remedy eliminates or prevents vasoconstriction that provoked by various vasoactive substances (e.g., prostaglandins, serotonin). In humans with acute ischemic medicine is expanding brain vessels and improves cerebral blood flow. Medication significantly reduces the incidence of ischemic brain injury and mortality in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage. Medicament, acting on receptors of brain blood vessels, has protective effect on the nerve cells and stabilizes their function, improves blood brain, ischemic tolerance by nerve cells. Nimotop 30mg 360 pills are possible to be purchased by individuals at the lowest price. Drug has beneficial effects on disorders of memory and concentration in patients who have the impaired brain function. This improves the personal, behavioral responses and the results of psychometric function tests. Tablets are used to treat disorders of concentration, memory loss, correction of psycho-emotional lability in elderly patients with severe cerebral pathology. Preparation is contra-indicated for people severe liver pathologies, severe hypotension, hypersensitivity to children 18 years old, lactating and pregnant women. In patients with impaired memory and attention after remedy’s application there is marked improvement in behavioral responses, psychometric testing indicators. Not every person knows that today it is very easy to buy Nimotop online.

Generic name: Nimodipine
Brand name: Nimpod

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