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Product name: Nolvadex
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Nolvadex relates to antitumor antiestrogenic agents. This remedy possesses by some anti gonadotrophic properties, inhibits Pg synthesis in the tumor tissue, and slows the progression of the tumor process, stimulated by estrogens. The main active ingredient is Tamoxifen. The ability to block estrogen can persist for some weeks after a single dosing. Medicine is rapidly absorbed, within 4-7 hours concentration in blood becomes maximum. Patients use the medicament under breast cancer especially postmenopausal, kidney cancer, melanoma, and sarcoma of soft tissue containing estrogen receptors, ovarian cancer, endometrial and prostate cancer. You may see the best price Nolvadex 20mg 360 pills online. Dosage is generally set individually depending on the medication’s prescription. Treatment is long-term until signs of disease progression, as effect lasts only with the constant use, if necessary, use in combination with radiation and cytostatic therapy. Tablets should be taken without chewing, with a small amount of liquid. Prior to therapy, women should undergo a thorough gynecological (with the exception of pregnancy) and physical examination. Active substance induces ovulation, which increases the risk of pregnancy, so women of childbearing age should use reliable methods of contraception (hormonal) during treating and for 3 months after cure. During the period of treatment is necessary to periodically monitor the performance of blood clotting, Ca2 + concentration in the blood, liver function tests, blood pressure, inspect an ophthalmologist – every 3 months, gynecological examination. Women buy Nolvadex online more often and often with helping of our informational chemist’s shop.

Generic name: Tamoxifen
Brand name: Blastofen, Nolvadex, Valodex, Soltamox, Tamofen

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