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Product name: Nootropil
Dosages: 400mg 800mg
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Nootropil strengthens the dopamine synthesis in brain and heightens the containing of noradrenalin. The main active ingredient is Рiracetam. This matter increases the quantity of acetylcholine on synaptic level and density of cholinergic receptors. This medication positively influence on the processes of exchange and brain’s blood circulation, stimulates some oxidation-reduction processes, enlarges the glucose’s utilization, improves the regional blood flow in brain’s ischemic parts and many others. The drug also improves the integrative activity of brain, promotes to the memory consolidation and improves the processes of training. Nootropil 800mg 90 pills are chiefly allocated for treating of brain’s atherosclerosis, vascular parkinsonism and some other pathological processes with phenomena of chronic cerebra-vascular insufficiency with some damages of memory, attention, speech, dizziness, brain’s injuries and so on. It is also applied under several sicknesses of the central nervous system with lowering of intellectual-amnestic functions and some distributions of emotional-volitional sphere. In psychiatrical practice this remedy is assigned under some neurotic and astenoadynamic depressing conditions with advantage of adynamia reasons; asthenic, cenesto-hypochondriacal damages; schizophrenia and psycho organic syndromes of different etiology; senile and atrophic processes; in complex therapy of several psychical illnesses and many others. In pediatry this remedy is used under the cerebrosthenic, encephapopathic distributions. Nowadays it is very easy to buy Nootropil online isn’t leaved your home.

Generic name: Рiracetam
Brand name: Noostan, Nootropil, Lucetam, Breinox

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