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Product name: Norvasc
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Norvasc relates to the calcium antagonists and are widely applied in the cardiological practice. The main active ingredient is Amlodipine. This substance mostly blocks calcium channels slowing. The antianginal effect is due to expansion of coronary and peripheral arteries. When stenocardia reduces the severity of myocardial ischemia; expanding peripheral arterioles decreases peripheral vascular resistance, afterload on the heart, reducing myocardial oxygen demand. Expanding the coronary arteries and arterioles in the unaltered and in ischemic areas of the myocardium, reparation increases the supply of oxygen to the myocardium (particularly with vasospastic angina pectoris), prevents spasm of the coronary arteries. Norvasc 10mg 360 pills should be applied with the following diagnosis as hypertensive heart sickness, stable angina (which is developed a long time and do not progress with time), vasospastic angina (develops in the spasms of the coronary vessels). Medication for instructions should be taken once a day, regardless of the meal. The initial dose of medicine is 5 mg, the maximum – 10 mg. The graduations in the dosage for the elderly and other age category are not observed. The medication does not worsen the condition of persons suffering from kidney and liver failure. For this product there are isolated following contra indications as standard contraindication for most remedies – individual intolerance, a significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure. The relatively frequent collateral effects occurring in more than 1% of cases are local swelling of legs and feet, tachycardia. Humans may buy Norvasc online with helping of our medical internet-drugstore.

Generic name: Amlodipine
Brand name: Norvasc

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