Overcoming Substance Abuse: The Family Connection and Importance of Support

by 7daypharmacy

Overcoming Substance Abuse


The topic of addiction often lies in the shadows. We know it’s there, and it’s likely that someone you care about suffers from addiction, or you may even struggle with addiction yourself. Yet substance abuse is still talked about in hushed tones, leaving us confused about what to do if someone we know is facing this battle. It isn’t a simple problem, so there isn’t just one simple solution. You need knowledge and understanding, support and guidance, as well as faith, to overcome substance abuse.


To help, 7daypharmacy offers the following guidance.


Getting to the Source of Addiction


Before you can overcome substance abuse, you have to understand its causes, whether they are physical, mental or spiritual. Experts disagree on the root causes of addiction, with some grounded in the theory that there is a genetic predisposition involving how your brain perceives rewards. Even though we don’t have a full understanding of the degree to which brain chemistry is to blame, we know that social and emotional factors play a major role in addiction.


For example, some people have co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression along with addiction. These issues have a complex relationship, so it’s essential to treat all underlying conditions along with substance abuse.


Even when someone doesn’t have a diagnosable mental health condition, there are often other emotional issues that lead to substance abuse. In this case, the person may be using substances to fill a void, as an attempt to seek emotional fulfillment that is missing in their life. To combat this feeling, Psychology Today suggests you “consider nourishing yourself back into wholeness.” What emotional void are you missing? Are you depriving yourself of life’s basic joys?


Reaching Out for Help


It helps to know what’s going on behind substance abuse, but the person who is affected also has to be ready and willing to seek help. You hear the term “hitting rock bottom,” which usually means the person’s life has been negatively affected so dramatically that there is no other option but to get help. Some people hit rock bottom before they realize they have a substance abuse problem, but that isn’t true for everyone. With support from friends and family, as well as the right professional treatment, many people can turn their lives around before reaching that low point.


If you have a loved one with a substance abuse problem, don’t wait for things to get worse before reaching out to them. Addiction affects more than just the person with the problem; it can take a toll on families, too. The whole family may suffer from mental, physical and emotional deterioration due to active addiction. Helping your loved one get into treatment is the first step in healing for the family.


Ways to Support Recovery


Along with professional treatment for addiction, the person who is working on overcoming substance abuse needs ongoing tools for support. Family involvement in treatment is key to success, so it’s crucial to continue showing compassion to your loved one. If you are in treatment, don’t cut yourself off from friends and family members who care about your recovery.


Anyone who is in recovery also needs healthy habits in their daily routine, and these should include habits for both mental and physical health. Good nutrition, exercise, self-care and prayer all feed the body and soul what you really need. Along with healthy habits, holistic therapy, such as yoga, massage therapy, and aromatherapy, is a great way to supplement treatment. When you feel better and are connecting with your true self and higher purpose, it’s easier to stay grounded in a clean and sober life. Keeping busy with healthy activities also helps you avoid triggers and the temptation to use drugs or alcohol. And when you actively work to reduce stress in your life with these tips from ZenBusiness, you can help mitigate the triggers that affected you previously.


Even with what we know about the reasons for addiction, there isn’t a quick fix to solve it. It takes professional treatment, support and a healthy lifestyle to see a difference long-term. Only with this multi-pronged approach will you or your loved ones be able to truly overcome substance abuse and create a new and fulfilling life.


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