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Pain Balm refers to the natural himalaya herbal medicaments generally employed for pains relieving. This medication contains of Gaultheria fragrantissima, Mentha arvensis and Pinus roxburghii. The main component of the first ingredient is methyl salicylate. This oil presents itself the stimulating, carminative and antiseptic preparation. It is generally applied outwardly in view of gel or ointment under the rheumatism, lumbosacral radiculitis or neuralgia. Menthol is a main ingredient of this medicant’s second matter. The oil in mainly taken outwardly under the neuralgia and in view of antipyretic medicament under the fever. This substance also helps under some pains and inflammations of muscles and articulations. The third ingredient of this drug is valued at the medicine as irritating remedy under the different rheumatoid sicknesses, for example lumbago or lumbar rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and several others. Pain Balm 10g 4 bottles are chiefly taken as quick-operating medicamental agent from headaches and body pain. It also can be employed as addition medication together with other anti0inflmmatory remedies under the chill and influenza. This medicament is brought on the affected area by light massage movements two or sometimes three times per day. Nowadays himalaya herbal (natural) medical remedies are very popular all over the world. You can also purchase other pain-killers with help of our informational portal.

Generic name: Pain Balm
Brand name: Pain Balm

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