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Product name: Pepcid
Dosages: 20mg 40mg
Min price per item: $0.56 per item
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Pepcid tablets relate to the antagonists of the histamine H2-receptors. The main active component is Famotidine. This substance mostly inhibits (suppresses) the secretion (or release) of the hydrochloric acid such basal (own) as this one after stimulation by histamine, gastrin or acetylcholine. This medicamental remedy effectively brings down the activity of the pepsin (ferment which splinters the proteins). The starting of effect is registered over one hour after one-shot applying of this officinal preparation. The duration of its action is depended on dosages and it is from twelve till twenty-four hours. Nowadays people often purchase Pepcid 20mg 56 pills without any prescriptions. The main indications for this drug’s taking include ulcerous illness of stomach and duodenum, reflux-esophagitis (esophagus inflammation, which is conditioned by throwing of stomach containing to the esophagus), Zollinger-Ellison’s syndrome (combination of high quality neoplasm of pancreas and ulcer of stomach) and some others. This medication can be also employed as preventive measure of stomach and duodenum ulcers’ development under prolonged treatment by glucocorticosteroids (hormones of adrenal cortexes or their synthetic analogs) or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicaments. This medical agent is contra indicated under the heightened apprehensibility to this preparation, gestation, breast-feeding and some allergic reactions on the applying of officinal drugs. Every person who with to buy Pepcid online can do it immediately without any problems.

Generic name: Famotidine
Brand name: Pepcidinе, Famocid, Pepcid

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