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Product name: Prilosec
Dosages: 10mg 40mg 20mg
Min price per item: $0.60 per item
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Prilosec covers to the most modern anti secretory medicamental preparations mainly used in treating of ulcerous illness and erosive-inflammatory sicknesses of the gastrointestinal tract’s upper section. The main active ingredient is Omeprazole. This substance suppresses the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and also brings down its activity. This preparation acquires its medical behaviors only after hit to the sour environment which is mainly characterized for the stomach. After applying inward this medication actively penetrates into the special cells of stomach answered for the secretion of hydrochloric acid. Prilosec 20mg 90 pills have some wide indications under different diseases of the gastrointestinal tract’s upper section. This preparation (as a rule) is allocated to the adults and children alder then five years in such cases as complex treating of active phase of the duodenum and stomach’s ulcerous sickness, medical cure of multiple endocrine neoplasms, cutting off some manifestations of gastro esophageal reflux, removing of uncomplicated heartburn which is long more then two days during a week, treating of gastropathy which is generated from the application of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory preparations and so on. This drug also can be used in combined treatment of familial endocrine adenomatosis. This drug is employed as preventive measure of duodenal ulcer, aspirin and stressed ulcerous sickness and so on. You can buy Prilosec online at the lowest prices in best chemist’s shops all over the country.

Generic name: Omeprazole
Brand name: Omez, Prilosec, Protoloc

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