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Product name: Reglan
Dosages: 10mg
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Reglan belongs to specific blockers of dopamine receptors and serotonin receptors. The preparation has antiemetic effect, calms hiccup and, in addition, has a regulating effect on the gastro intestinal tract function. Tonus and motor activity of the digestive system increases. Gastric secretion is not changed. There are indications that the medicament promotes healing of the stomach and duodenum ulcers. Remedy is used inside, and in severe cases, parenterally (intramuscularly or intravenously). Patient can find on-line Reglan 10 mg 90 pills at the low price. Medication is applied as an antiemetic for nausea, emesis associated with radiation therapy, anesthesia, side effects of drugs (cytostatic agents / substances that suppress cell division / antibiotics and others.), violations of diet and others. It does not influence on the vomiting of vestibular origin caused by motion sickness. The medicament is usually well tolerated. In rare cases, there can be extrapyramidal disorder (impaired coordination of movements with a decrease in their size and tremor), characterized for Parkinson’s disease. In the mechanism of the adverse events antagonistic effect of metoclopramide apparently influences on brain dopamine receptors. Caffeine is administered parenterally in order to remove these effects. Taking the medicine patient can feel drowsiness, tinnitus, dry mouth. To reduce these phenomena drug is indicated sometimes after a meal. In generally if individuals are prescribed this product they may buy Reglan online.

Generic name: Metoclopramide
Brand name: Degan, Maxolon, Primperan, Maxeran, Pylomid

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