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Product name: Requip
Dosages: 0.25mg 0.5mg 1mg 2mg
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Requip covers to the medicamental class of antiparkinsonian medications. This preparation has no effect on collapsing presynaptic dopaminergic neurons of the black substance and acts directly as a synthetic neurotransmitter. The main active substance is Ropinirole. Thus, it reduces the degree of inactivity, rigidity and tremor, which are symptoms of Parkinsonism. Parkinson’s sickness relates to one of the most common chronic neurodegenerative diseases, which results in both severe neurological disorders and a significant reduction in social activity and quality of life of patients. This medicament is an original drug for treating Parkinson’s illness on early and later stages. The main contra indications to Requip 2mg 360 pills include acute psychosis, abnormal liver function, severe renal dysfunction, and a rare hereditary disease as lactose intolerance, lactase deficiency, malabsorption of galactose or glucose, pregnancy, lactation, children and adolescence up to 18 years, a hypersensibility to medicine’s components. With cautions the drug is applied in patients with severe cardiovascular failure. The medication can be administered to people with psychotic disorders in history only in those cases where the expected benefits from its use outweigh the potential risk. The patients should be warned about the possible development of sleepiness or episodes of suddenly falling asleep, sometimes is not preceded by drowsiness. In case of such reactions doctor should consider discontinuation. It is recommended to monitor blood pressure because of the possibility of orthostatic hypotension. You can buy Requip online with helping of our internet-portal in any time you need.

Generic name: Ropinirole
Brand name: Requip

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